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n, or over 730-thousand US dollars. It ho▓nors impo

cian Wu Wenjun and hybrid-rice expert Yuan Longping were the deserving recipie▓nts. Beijing residents can now experience science up close & perso

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rtant breakthroughs in basic scientific research

nally, t▓hrough participation and exhibition. After three years of construction, a new science and technology museum will open in the Chinese capital on

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, w▓ith far-reaching influence. It also rewar

Sunday. Ren Ting tells us about the city's new ▓attraction.The Museum of Chinese Science & Technology covers an area of 40,000 square me▓ters. Activitie

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ds prominent scientists who have generated enormou

s on hand include popular science exhibitions, Astro-Vision film shows, training-based educat▓ion programs, and experiment-driven technology presentations.Be

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tated social


ijing's newest museum boasts more than one-thousand creative items. Entering t

progress. T


he west hall of the building, 805 balls combine to form an 18-meter-long by 12-m

he first State Sup


eter-wide display. The colorful array ca▓n shift into 12 different patterns using

reme Science a


its design program. The 47-meter-high double-helix structure reflects basic life scienc

e.The ne▓w phase of the China Science & Technology Museum ha▓s held its opening ceremony, finally opening its gate to eager science lovers a▓fter three years of construction. Judging from its exterior, spectators will find the journey through the museum both entertaining and nourish▓ing to their brain.Situated at the northeast part of Olympic Gre▓en, the new site of the

nd Technology

China Science & Technology Museum is near the ic▓onic Bird's Nest and Water Cube.The museum was created by the well-known craftsman Lu Ban, and is shaped like a huge lock. It implies that knowledge can be unlocked through scientific discovery.Inside the▓ hall, visitor

Paul - Award was given
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